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You can deploy any github repo directly to heroku right now. Fill in the info above and click the "Deploy to Heroku" button. Follow the instructions on the next screen and wait for an email from heroku saying the app has been transfered to your account.

Fill out the above form and copy either the HTML or Markdown text below to get a Deploy to Heroku button for your readme or website.

[![Deploy to heroku](]({repo_owner}/{repo_name})

<a href="/deploy/{repo_name}/{repo_owner}"><img alt="Deploy" src="/assets/deploy.png"></a>

Not yet. The deploy button does not currently support either of these, but we will in the near future. If you would like to help, file a pull request or an issue on our github repo.
We have to pay someone to walk all the way from the Github office to the Heroku office with a thumb drive. The walk is roughly 20 minutes
It sure can! The deploy button is a self replicating app.

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